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Here you will find offerings at healing places that allow you to withdraw from your everyday life and dive deeper into your practice. To experience your practice more deeply. To become your own practice more and more.


Often I have found it very healing to walk part of my path with companions. People who broaden my limited perspective, who let me understand more through their BEING. I look forward to opening up spaces again and again together with some of them. Spaces to see and understand more.

Soul Motion: GROW (day event)

as humans, we are the only species on earth
capable of denying our own flowering
-david whyte-


in life we are faced with many obstacles and opportunities that can be catalysts on this heart-breaking and heart-opening path of being human; beauty and terror, grief and grace, hope and despair, belonging and banishment. can each of these circumstances be compost for the fuel that enables our growth?  do you and i have a choice in how we meet each moment, receiving and releasing the wonders and wounds of our dancing journey?
to receive is to grow our capacity to acknowledge and express the gifts you have been given, to yourself and to the world. to release is to grow our capacity to be with and embrace the wounds you have suffered, for yourself and for the world. may everything we encounter be a gateway to how you and i choose to cultivate; we can grow numb or grow aliveness, grow division or connection, grow presence or aloofness, grow compassion or apathy, grow kindness or cruelty. 
using the practice of soul motion as our ground, let’s repair our roots through the rituals of movement and pause, extend our reach through witnessing and being seen, rest in repose through sound and silence, including the excluded parts of ourselves and this community that comes together to GROW.

the event will be accompanied by
Michael Molin – Skelton.

place & times.
when: 30 March 2024
time: 11 am to 5 pm
where: sports centre on Uhlhornsweg. 26 129 Oldenburg.
The sports centre is located in the university sports area of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. The room where we dance is called Action Room 1 (AK 1).
You can get to AK 1 through the main entrance of the sports centre – go straight down the corridor to the end – turn right – right again – through the changing rooms into the action room.

participation fee
regular price Euro 115
reduced price Euro 100
self-assessment Euro 100 and less

Soul Motion: Holy Room (one week long)

We will be happy to inform you as soon as we have the information.
In anticipation. M&D.

The event will be accompanied by Michael Molin – Skelton & Doreen Tönjes.

26 April to 3 May 2026

Participation fee

Accommodation & Food
Buddha Hall

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