This page opens to dive deeper.

To dive deeper into what moves me, inspires me, touches me.
Spaces. People. Art. Contribution. Participation.

Edgar Spieker – Friend. Dancer. Confidant.
Silke van Dyken – Dancer. Friend.
Vincent Martínez Grieco – Through him I understand the artist in me.
Michael Molin – Skelton – With him I associate the words love, soul and silence.

Thomas Hübl
Tantric Energetics

Omid Mohadjeri – Friend. Artist. Companion.
Carolin Werel – Photo.

Jens Wazel – Photo. Film.
Verena Tönjes – My favourite opera singer and yogini.
Igor Levit – A pianist who impresses me because he stands up.
Wayne McGregor – Choreographer.
Akram Khan – Choreographer.

Ana Flor – Poet and tender soul.

Jochen Metzger – Journalist & author and a brilliant mind.

Raum für Stille und Bewegung
Kirche der Stille
Hof Oberlethe
Corfu Buddha Hall
Seminarhaus Sophia

Sophia Petridis – The bubbling life personified.
Sandra KocherWith her, I experience peace even in the wildest dance.
Mira ScholzFriend. Dancer.
Urte Scholz – Power. Trust.
SoulmovesThe new dance space in Bremen.
Sebastian Drießen – Dance space in Hamburg.
Melanie Bubelach – I would start a flat share with her in Vienna.

OSOAHBeautiful things.
Birgit Müller – Very healing.

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