If you want to give yourself space to dwell in, to listen and meet yourself again, then you are in the right place. If you feel the impulse deep inside that it is time to move on and to accept your challenges and not let them stop you, you are very welcome here.

Together we’ll make obstacles that stand in the way of the unfolding of your possibilities (personal, professional) visible and calm them down. Out of this calmness, we let a powerful and natural way of dealing with everything that shows up emerge. We find ways of integrating this new handling of things and emotions with consistency into your everyday life.

I cultivate an atmosphere of powerful tranquility in our common space and bring simplicity, care, consistency and my heart to our collaboration.
The basic pillars in my accompaniment are meditation. movement. communication. nutrition.

I have been practicing different kinds of meditation for 30 years. In my offerings, I focus on breathing, kundalini, dynamic, and walking meditation as well as zazen. I have been teaching dance for 20 years. My focus is on dance training (choreographed dance) and Soul Motion (free improvisational dance). I trained and graduated in Soul Motion in the USA. I also hold an M.A. in physical education.

In our 1:1 sessions, we use our experience to create something new and extraordinary.
You can experience a 1:1 session with me in person or online.

If you would like to work with me, feel free to send me a message.

In appreciation for your courage and strength to commit to your personal growth. Doreen.

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